Carrier Transicold employs ecoFORWARD technologies to enhance its reefer units

“EcoFORWARD technologies” is the new name behind the ultra-efficient transport refrigeration units and generator sets designed by Carrier Transicold for compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency diesel-emissions standards, which change in 2013.

Transport refrigeration systems with ecoFORWARD technologies will consume less fuel, operate quieter, and deliver improved performance — all while running cleaner than the models they will replace. Carrier Transicold has also launched an Internet microsite to help customers learn about the new technologies:

Common to systems with ecoFORWARD technologies are 2.2-liter diesel engines based on Carrier Transicold's established engine line and made smarter with the addition of sensors and electronic control modules. Performance gains from the application of ecoFORWARD technologies mean that engine power can be reduced by 18% to 20%, putting them within the scope of EPA's Tier 4 standard for non-highway engines rated at 11 to 25 horsepower. For trailer refrigeration, efficiency improvements result in a 5% to 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared with previous models, over a full range of operating conditions.

A new custom-designed engine emissions system (EES) adds unprecedented emissions reduction and compliance with the California Air Resources Board ultra-low emissions standard.

EcoFORWARD technologies are being applied to Carrier Transicold's trailer refrigeration platforms, both the belt-driven units and the Vector hybrid diesel-electric units, as well as the PowerLINE generator sets used with container refrigeration systems for overland intermodal applications.

Units featuring ecoFORWARD technologies will be available in limited quantities by the end of 2012 and fully available in 2013. For more information about ecoFORWARD technologies, visit

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