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Aurora Parts, Pluss automate parts search process

Aurora Parts, Pluss automate parts search process

Aurora Parts and Accessories and Pluss Corporation are teaming up to provide automation of parts look-up, ordering, availability, and pricing for Aurora Dealers starting in the fourth quarter this year.

The integration between Aurora Parts and Accessories' MyAuroraPlus GBOM parts discovery system, and Pluss Corporation's PTM-Vision resource management software, is designed to allow Aurora dealers to find the correct parts, locate important pricing information, and place an order quickly and efficiently, avoiding the time-consuming frustration of a manual search.

This trend toward automation and streamlining – using technology to boost efficiency and time management – benefits companies by providing better customer service, reduced costs, and better tracking of inventory. For companies with fast-paced sales cycles and multiple concurrent customer service needs, moving from manual to automated processes helps to sharply reduce wasted time spent searching for products.

“Excited about the relationship. Pluss Corporation is a well-established company with over 30 years of experience in the heavy-duty industry, with affordable products that can fit everyone in our dealer network from small businesses all the way up to some of our larger dealers,” said Dave Clarke, CEO of Aurora Parts & Accessories LLC. “Pluss Corporation has shown throughout our relationship that they are all-in on delivering a world class integrated enterprise solution.”

The integration between Aurora Parts and Accessories’ premier transportation products and Pluss Corporation's proven inventory management technology will allow an easy flow of product catalog information and search capability, so customer service and ordering can be delivered rapidly, effectively, and with outstanding efficiency, according to the companies.

“Tremendous opportunity for Pluss Corporation. We see Aurora as a true thought leader in vendor automation,” said Greg Iverson, CEO of Pluss Corporation. “They have thought through the heavy-duty dealer challenges and how to ease their frustrations when trying to do business with Aurora. Aurora clearly makes doing business easier with them than anyone else.”

The integrationis part of the popular integration pack product suite offered by Pluss Corporation. Pluss Corporation currently offers the Aurora Parts and Accessories integration pack in beta to a select group of customers, with full product release slated for the fourth quarter of 2017.

The full software pack with customized integration options will be available for purchase directly from Pluss Corporation. Other products being provided in the partnership will include electronic purchase ordering, FleetPerform pricing integration, and more as the partnership develops.

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