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Stellar debuts NXT68 Hooklift

May 16, 2024
Stellar also has introduced an electronic joystick control system governs all hooklift functions

Stellar Industries recently revealed its NXT68 Hooklift. The NXT68 offers a load height of 12.5" and  capacities including 68,000 lbs. at 62" hook height, 57,000 lbs. at 54" hook height and a 68,000-lb dump capacity.

Available for 16' – 22' containers, key features of the NXT68 Hooklift include:

  • Z-rail design: The base comes pre-drilled for easy installation onto the chassis and to accommodate the placement of body saddles as required.
  • Telescopic jib: Multiplate design offers a balance of lightweight design and sturdy structure, ensuring reliable support for various body lengths.
  • Universal latching system: The industry-leading bolt-on adjustable body locks offer precise customization for exterior lock adjustments.
  • Adjustable hook height: Adjust the hook height to align with the lift bar height of a fleet of containers, utilizing either manual adjustable or hydraulic adjustable hook inserts.
  • Compact secondary design: A lost load height of 12.5″ enables an exceptional below-grade hook bar approach, accommodating sub-frame heights as low as 6″.
  • Wear pad design: Integrated replaceable wear pads allow for effortless serviceability.
  • Lift cylinders: The integrated soft-stop feature ensures a gentle resting of the body on the body saddles.
  • Speed enhancement: The lift cylinders feature integrated speed enhancement, decreasing the cycle extend time by 75%.
  • In-cab controls: Air controls enable precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve.
  • Hydraulic reservoir: The universal mounting bracket offers flexibility, allowing you to position the 25-gallon (94.6 L) reservoir wherever desired on the side of the chassis.

Stellar also introduced an electronic joystick control system for its hooklifts. The new joystick control, available initially on the NXT52, streamlines operations with a single joystick that governs all hooklift functions. Engineered for ergonomic excellence, the joystick will be mounted on an adjustable base, allowing operators to tailor its positioning for optimal comfort and ease of use. Plans are underway to extend this cutting-edge control system to additional large Stellar Hooklift models in the future.