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Kinedyne introduces ‘lighter, stronger’ reengineered winches

Oct. 25, 2019
Kinedyne recently revealed newly designed and engineered winches.

Kinedyne, a manufacturer and distributor of cargo control technologies, recently revealed newly designed and engineered winches.

The new winches have a working load limit (WLL) of 6,670 pounds, more than 20% greater than the current industry standard of 5,500 pounds, and consistent with the 6,670-pound WLL of its RHINO MAX and K-FORCE winch straps. The move to the greater WLL means more secure loads, lower damage claims and other benefits, Kinedyne claimed.

Working as a load securement system, Kinedyne says its new winches and straps provide a greater WLL than many chain and binder systems. The company offers a variety of weld-on, portable, sliding, double “L” sliding and combination winch styles to ensure the appropriate winch is available for each application.

“With the addition of our newly engineered winch designs, Kinedyne now offers a range of integrated cargo securement systems, all with an industry-leading WLL,” said Bob Dissinger, director of US sales for Kinedyne. “In addition to making our winch offering stronger and more durable, we’ve reduced their weight by an average of 22%, making them easier to handle, and we’ve added a new ‘Thumb Saver’ pawl that is simpler to operate, even with gloved hands.”

All of Kinedyne’s three-bar winches feature the new “Thumb Saver” pawl and increased spacing between bars, from 0.75 inches to 1.13 inches. The three-bar winch reel design allows for easy strap insertion, even when slots have ice buildup, Kinedyne maintained.

Each new winch frame is made with heat-treated carbon steel, and the design includes a single piece rolled, heat-treated, split-mandrel with a welded cap and a forged steel thumb pawl.

The new mandrel retains its web-slot radius, which minimizes cutting and abrasion on webbing, extending life. The material and design also are resistant to “egging,” or the elongation of the mandrel cap hole, which helps improve operator safety when using a winch bar, the company said. 

Slider winch frame thicknesses was decreased to 7 millimeters, reducing weight by 19%. While weld-on winch frame thicknesses remain at 8 millimeters, their weights still were reduced by 25%, resulting in increased strength for both.

“We set a new industry standard for weight capacity with the introduction of our RHINO MAX and K-FORCE cargo securement straps in 2018,” Dissinger said. “With the introduction of our new winches, we’ve created a stronger, lighter-weight system that’s more durable, easier to operate and that fits a wide variety of cargo securement applications.”