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Aug. 1, 2008
Timbren SES enhances Toyota performance Whether a Toyota is used for heavy loads on highways or off-road, Timbren SES suspension enhancement systems can

Timbren SES enhances Toyota performance

Whether a Toyota is used for heavy loads on highways or off-road, Timbren SES suspension enhancement systems can improve its suspension performance. Today's trucks and SUVs are designed with soft suspensions — inadequate when more support is needed carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer. Unlike other helper springs or air springs, Timbren SES starts to work only when extra support is required, ensuring stability, improved handling, and comfort. Easy to install, the Timbren SES can provide maintenance-free and trouble-free performance.

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Hybrid refrigerated distribution system

VT Specialized Vehicles Corp Inc (VT SVC), a company of Vision Technologies Systems Inc (VT Systems), has introduced UltraTemp. This advanced hybrid system for refrigerated distribution combines the benefits of both cold plate and mechanical refrigeration.

Launched by VT SVC's Kidron division, UltraTemp delivers the low operating costs, high reliability and long life expectations associated with cold plates while offering unlimited route capability, automatic defrost and lower weight advantages of a mechanical refrigeration system.

In the heart of the UltraTemp design is Azure Dynamics Corp's Low Emission Electric Power (LEEP) hybrid system - a system that delivers significant improvements in fuel utilization and emission levels.

UltraTemp can be added to any chassis with a powertrain that is power take-off ready and can also support multi-temperature units. It uses the vehicle's powertrain, instead of a separate diesel engine, to generate clean power which is stored in the refrigeration system. This energy can then be used to maintain the cargo area temperature long after the engine has been shut down.

UltraTemp has a hot gas defrost system that automatically expels defrost condensate and minimizes ice buildup and time loss compared with cold plates.

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Kenworth adds hub/rotor package option

Kenworth Truck Co is offering its lightweight aluminum hub and Splined Disc rotor package as a front and rear axle option on its Class 8 tractors equipped with Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes. This lightweight air disc brake package features an aluminum hub and the Splined Disc rotor assembly that reduces total wheel-end weight, greatly reduces rotor dynamic stresses, provides improved thermal balance, and offers longer brake life.

The aluminum hub and Splined Disc rotor option can save as much as 35 pounds per wheel end compared with other air disc brakes, which use an iron hub and conventional rotor, on the same typical tractor configuration. Bendix ADB22X also adds longevity to brake components.

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Bendix technology standard at TXI

TXI, a Dallas TX-based company that is a leading supplier of building materials, including cement, concrete, and aggregate, uses concrete mixers and other commercial trucks that can at times become very unstable and prone to rollovers. Because of this, and its commitment to a safety program, TXI was looking to add technology to its fleet of vehicles to improve highway safety.

After witnessing the safety features of Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program at a live Ride and Drive event hosted by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, TXI decided recently to add the full-stability technology as standard on all of the fleet's trucks, becoming one of the first vocational fleets in the nation to do so.

The Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with ESP is an ABS-based electronic-stability system that delivers full stability in a variety of driving situations and road conditions. This includes roll protection on dry, high-friction surfaces, and directional (yaw) stability to help mitigate slides, skids, spins, and jackknives on wet, slippery, or otherwise low-friction surfaces.

Spray Control adds diamond-plated fenders

Spray Control Systems Inc has announced a new addition to its Minimizer line, the diamond-plated fender.

The new product incorporates the familiar, raised diamond “X” pattern commonly found on metal surfaces in heavy industrial settings and on many original truck parts. With the heft and look of metal, the diamond-plated option enables drivers to keep the look of their trucks consistent throughout, and gives fenders a rugged appeal.

These fenders are Minimizer-tough and virtually indestructible in comparison with their metal counterparts. Made of lightweight, durable polyethylene material, they will stay in shape and look good for years.

Diamond-plated fenders are available in all popular Minimizer styles and sizes, and they come in galvanized silver or traditional black.

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Utility adds ThermALERT option to trailers

The Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI with ThermALERT is now the standard option for Utility Trailer Mfg Co trailers spec'd for automatic tire inflation systems. ThermALERT detects increased wheel-end temperatures and helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage can occur.

The wheel-end heat sensing technology of ThermALERT is being added by Utility Trailer when MTIS is installed at no additional cost to customers.

PLM Trailer Leasing, a refrigerated trailer provider, recently purchased Utility Trailers equipped with MTIS and the ThermALERT option.

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