FMCSA renews MirrorEye camera exemption

Feb. 17, 2024
Stoneridge secures new five-year exemption that allows owners of trucks equipped with its monitoring system to remove conventional rear-view mirrors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association recently renewed the exemption for Stoneridge’s MirrorEye camera monitor system for an additional five years. The exemption, originally granted in 2019, allows owners of MirrorEye-equipped trucks to remove the conventional rear-view mirrors and operate with an integrated system of cameras and digital displays.

This exemption renewal reinforces the benefits of our MirrorEye system from both a fuel economy and safety perspective,” Jim Zizelman, Stoneridge president and CEO, said in a news release. “MirrorEye provides enhanced, real-time visibility from nearly every angle of a commercial truck, which can reduce the frequency and severity of accidents, especially when turning, during lane changes, and in close-corner maneuvers.

“In addition to its important safety benefits, MirrorEye-equipped trucks can achieve a 2-3% increase in fuel savings when traditional mirrors are removed, which translates to roughly 2.5 tons of CO2 reduction annually per vehicle [in North America commercial vehicle applications].”

MirrorEye was the first camera monitor system to receive this exemption.

Since then, the company has partnered with more than 40 fleets in North America to equip the system on existing vehicles through retrofit applications, the company reported. In addition, MirrorEye has been integrated on multiple original equipment commercial truck and bus platforms in North America and Europe.

“During the last five years, we’ve worked closely with our fleet and OEM partners to validate the benefits of MirrorEye and make it the leading camera mirror system on the market today,” Zizelman concluded.

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