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Great Dane partners with SLIPNOT on safety grip solutions

Sept. 8, 2023
Great Dane has partnered with SLIPNOT to modify the former's Everest trailers with safety grips, preventing slips and falls on greasy or wet trailers

Great Dane is partnering with SLIPNOT on safety grips for Great Dane Everest trailers. These safety grips are now standard on the doorways for all 2025 model year Everest trailers with roll-up and side doors. The company states that this will provide safer equipment access by converting metal surfaces into high-friction areas.

“Safety is one of our core values at Great Dane,” said Rick Mullinix, president and COO of Great Dane. “We understand the challenges drivers face on the job, and we’re continuously working to provide the safest products available. SLIPNOT is a premium offering and an exceptional solution that helps drivers feel confident while operating our equipment.”

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Manufactured in the U.S. in Detroit, Michigan, SLIPNOT installations seek to avoid slips and falls on wet and greasy trailer services. While Great Dane did not specify which of SLIPNOT’s products would be used on their Everest trailers, the company offers grating, treads, and nosing.

“We’re excited to include this premium feature on our Great Dane refrigerated trailer line,” said Chris Hammond, EVP of Sales. “The performance of SLIPNOT will help us increase the safety of our trailers with a durable, maintenance-free solution, giving our customers more time to focus on the delivery of goods in a safe and efficient manner.”

Great Dane claimed that they were the only transportation solutions provider exclusively offering this product, as a demonstration of the company’s efforts to focus on end-user safety.

“Great Dane’s industry leadership is due in part to their commitment to safety for their people and the people who operate their trailers,” said Kevin Koder, CEO of SLIPNOT. “The SLIPNOT team is delighted to be part of Great Dane’s innovation process, bringing new products to market that address real hazards like slips and falls on wet and greasy trailer surfaces.”

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