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FleetPride extends lead in ecommerce and digital solutions

July 7, 2022
FleetPride, a Texas-based parts distributor and service provider, is expanding its offerings on its website to ease supply and demand concerns

FleetPride Inc. hit another milestone today as it pursues eCommerce and digital solutions. The company went live with over 667,000 parts along with 4.5 million cross references on, dwarfing the company's previous announcement of 400,000 parts. By the end of 2022, FleetPride expects its database will grow to more than two million parts and will continue to provide access to 400+ top suppliers.

With this rapid expansion and other digitally-oriented solutions, FleetPride is positioning itself as the place to find heavy duty truck parts that customers need. Customers are taking notice of FleetPride's efforts.

L. Houchens of B&R Repairs recently said, "You get easy online ordering and can see QOH [quantity on hand], pricing, and change location to see who has it in the area."

Other customers see value in FleetPride's goal to provide a platform that offers transparency to its customers. K. Hodges of the Shelley School District said, "It's been great and it's the first place I go to find parts and part numbers."

In the short term, FleetPride is focused on ways to increase value and support for customers given the challenges of today's supply chain and material shortages, labor challenges, and inflation issues, which are playing havoc with trucking customers' operations and bottom lines. By staying close to customers' operational metrics, and to the industry overall, FleetPride knows what drives success, and is developing solutions that strike at the heart of these short-term and global issues.

Over the past several months, FleetPride has rapidly and dramatically expanded its product database on The company is increasing the number of parts across all makes and models, with more than a three-fold increase planned in the next few months. Recently, FleetPride also launched their predictive search capability. This additional feature allows customers to start receiving product recommendations based on the first few letters of their search, saving valuable time for the user.

FleetPride's growing national footprint means it is continuing to invest in larger inventory and better services so customers, suppliers, and employees can benefit from in-stock parts or from parts that can be sourced quickly from a near-by location or distribution center. This commitment means that customers can find the right parts when they are needed, check the part's availability, and have the part(s) shipped directly to a convenient location, or picked up in a store close by.

FleetPride's focus on transparency and availability enables the company to carry the broadest assortment to meet the needs for all customers, which includes national brands from the industry's top suppliers plus hundreds of exclusively-branded parts, with its OTR, HD Value, and Power Products well recognized and considered a high-quality alternative to OE brands.

FleetPride's efforts have had a demonstrated impact on customers' operations which start with the ability to find a part when its needed, and to secure the part quickly and efficiently to keep truck fleets running and on the road. As the company that supports the nation's largest carriers who move agriculture, medical supplies and medicine, groceries, and other much needed supplies, FleetPride keeps America's trucks moving.

J. Paxton of Coastal Transport sees the difference. "The new changes have made it more user friendly. It is more convenient and faster than driving to a store or calling."

FleetPride will continue to zero in on what matters most to customers as they navigate everyday issues and build successful businesses in the future. For more information, please visit