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Wooster’s die-cut FLEX-TRED enhances workplace safety

May 18, 2020
Anti-slip tape designed for multiple applications, surfaces, including trailer steps, deck plates, snow groomers, more

Wooster Products’ Die-Cut FLEX-TRED anti-slip tapes are designed to enhance safety in the workplace by providing a higher coefficient of friction on the applied surface, whether wet or dry. 

“Virtually every piece of industrial equipment which requires workers to drive, climb onto, cross over, or physically interact with can benefit from better footing on those surfaces—and die-cut FLEX-TRED tape provides an easy solution,” the company asserted.

Available in standard die-cut sizes or in custom die cuts to suit specific requirements, this heavy-duty safety surface is easy to install and provides durable pedestrian safety on slippery surfaces.  It bends over sharp 90° angles without fracture, and can be bent repeatedly without cracking or failure of the bond, the company said.

Applied FLEX-TRED is resistant to motor oil, detergent, hydraulic oil and UV. It will tolerate steam and detergent cleaning, and essentially is unaffected by climactic exposure and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions. Die cut FLEX-TRED is ideal for application on gas/brake pedals, machinery deck plates, equipment steps and walkways, mowers, snow groomers, tow motors and forklifts, on platforms, scaffolds, cherry pickers, and ladders, and more.

Wooster has been making custom die cut patterns for many years and has thousands of patterns in its library. Prospective customers may find an existing pattern close to that desired, thus saving a custom die-cut charge. 

FLEX-TRED is available in various colors and patterns, including fluorescent colors and NITEGLOW Glow in the Dark. In areas where a heavy exposure to liquids is anticipated, FLEX-TRED Edge Sealing Compound seals the edge to most surfaces. 

FLEX-TRED has a useful temperature range of -40°F to 220°F, and limited exposure to temperatures above 220°F will not harm FLEX-TRED, the company maintained. 

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