Kalyn Siebert eCommerce

Kalyn Siebert advancing eCommerce

March 5, 2020
Partnership with GenAlpha expected to deliver streamlined online parts, service experience for shoppers, staff by mid-2020

Kalyn Siebert recently selected GenAlpha Technologies to implement an eCommerce solution for its existing parts and service operation in an effort to meet the needs of online shoppers.

The trailer manufacturer said project discovery sessions are underway, and the site is expected to launch mid-year.

GenAlpha will supply its Equip eCommerce system, which is designed to streamline access to product pricing, said Kalyn Siebert, which sees the new partnership as a way to “add tremendous growth” and provide customers “optimal functionality in parts acquisition.”

“Kalyn Siebert takes pride in the custom-engineered products we offer to meet the needs of the specialized transportation industry,” said Jake Radish, president of Kalyn Siebert. “Our partnership with GenAlpha is a strategic move toward our eCommerce initiative.

“GenAlpha’s Equip solution is exactly what we need to expand our market presence and offer an enriched customer experience.”

Kalyn Siebert also said it expects to increase sales turnover by eliminating delays in parts availability inquiries, and streamline the efforts of its parts and service team as it switches from the submission of manual inquiries to GenAlpha’s eCommerce platform.

“We at GenAlpha are passionate about our customers and the solutions that we are able to provide them,” said Stan Eames, CEO of GenAlpha. “Kalyn Siebert’s dedication to the enhancement of customer experience is exemplary of their commitment to providing the highest level of quality in all aspects of their business.

“GenAlpha’s industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions will allow Kalyn Siebert to reach new heights. The GenAlpha team is very excited to facilitate the growth of Kalyn Siebert and we look forward to building a long-term relationship.”