Wayne Merrill
Wayne Merrill, service manager for Keizer Refrigeration, won the 2018 Dealer Service Manager of the Year award for the Carrier Transicold network.

Keizer Refrigeration service manager wins dealer award

Wayne Merrill, the service manager for Keizer Refrigeration, recently was named 2018 Dealer Service Manager of the Year for the entire Carrier Transicold network.

Keizer Refrigeration is a Sioux City IA-based distributor for Carrier Transicold, a global leader in transport refrigeration.

The award ceremony, featuring a “Way Beyond Cool” theme highlighting the network’s products and services beyond simply providing cold air, was held in Scottsdale AZ, and attended by Carrier Transicold dealers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean.

Nominees for the Dealer Service Manager of the Year category were judged on demonstrated ability to capture and retain key accounts, customer satisfaction, service assurance assessment scoring, technician training compliance and shop efficiency and training.

“Wayne is an exceptional team leader, and his endless drive to teach and encourage others has resulted in us having a second-to-none service technician team our customers can truly rely on,” said Shane Keizer, president of the Keizer companies. “As it happens, Wayne is retiring from his Service Manager position this fall after 17 years with our company. He will remain working for us in a part-time capacity, helping with training our technicians.

“This award could not arrive at a better moment to recognize his vast contribution to our business and the Carrier Transicold network. I am tremendously proud of Wayne and his team.”

Merrill joined Keizer Refrigeration in 2002 as a unit sales and service representative and soon was promoted to his current role. He and his wife, Rita, have four children—Julie, Jason, Greg and Christine—and they reside in Sioux City.

Keizer companies earned four total awards—the “Dealer Service Manager of the Year,” the “Brick & Mortar Award” for their new facility in Sioux City, and “NextLevel 2 Platinum” and “Quota Buster” awards for Keizer Refrigeration’s sister dealership, Transport Refrigeration of South Dakota, which operates in Sioux Falls SD.

“We are honored to receive all these prestigious awards,” said Stacy Bricker, the treasurer and secretary for Keizer companies. “Our Dad started Keizer Refrigeration with his partner Jackie back in 1976, servicing equipment from the back of their pickup truck. He followed his American Dream, and today we employ over 160 staff in our four locations and still are recruiting more. I know that Dad would be proud.”


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