Ervin Equipment Expands to Serve Oil and Gas Industry

Ervin Equipment, Inc., has expanded its services and expertise to better serve the oil and gas industry, including booming areas such as the Bakken region, Utica Shale, Eagle Ford Shale and Marcellus Shale.

“We’ve been serving the transportation industry for years, and have offered significant benefits to those fleets seeking to both buy and sell used equipment,” Jeff Weber, vice president of sales and marketing at Ervin, explained. “We spec the most popular models and work to ensure their quality and availability when and where the customer needs it. Now, we’re expanding and growing our services in the oil and gas industry, where demand for equipment is at an all time high.”

Ervin’s expertise is a key benefit to a growing customer base seeking to enter the oil and gas market. In many cases, the ability to procure quality used equipment is necessary for those just entering the market, a major reason Ervin felt it was necessary to expand its services and assist these individuals. Weber estimated about half of Ervin’s clients in this sector are relatively new to the industry, and in need of guidance when selecting equipment.

“In addition to supplying complete fleets, our mission is to help educate these professionals to ensure they’re making the proper purchasing decisions,” he continued. “We’re not here to sell something that will be ‘just fine’. Rather, we want to broaden the knowledge of our customers, work with them to provide the ideal solution, and ultimately form a lasting partnership. Our belief is long-term relationships are the best way to ensure our customers’ success.”

The Ervin sales team focuses on helping customers select the appropriate equipment for every application, carefully considering characteristics unique to each location. To effectively guide their customers on the best fleet choice, the Ervin sales team researches each region of the country to be well versed in regional challenges, applications and regulations.

Ervin owns and operates several satellite locations throughout the United States, a strategy designed to meet customer needs in a timely manner no matter how remote the location.

A large dealer of Wabash, Transcraft and many other manufacturers, Ervin’s fleets of oil and gas-specific equipment include vacuum trailers, pneumatic trailers, belly dumps, tanks, flatbeds and removable gooseneck trailers. Ervin buys and sells fleets of five to 5,000 trailers.

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