Do NHTSA regulations excessively impact small business?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking public comment on the economic impact of its regulations. 

Required to do so by the Regulatory Flexibility Act, the agency is attempting to identify rules that may have a significant economic impact. NHTSA also is requesting comments on ways to make these regulations easier to read and understand. The focus of this notice is rules that specifically relate to trucks, buses, trailers, as well as passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and motor vehicle equipment.

NHTSA will consider: (1) The continued need for the rule; (2) the nature of complaints or comments received from the public; (3) the complexity of the rule; (4) the extent to which the rule overlaps, duplicates, or conflicts with other federal rules or with state or local government rules; and (5) the length of time since the rule has been evaluated or the degree to which technology, economic conditions, or other factors have changed in the area affected by the rule.  Under the agency’s 10-year review plan, NHTSA reviews one of 10 groups of regulations each year.  This year involves sections of 49 CFR 571.201 through 571.212.  This includes such Motor Vehicle Safety Standards controlling windshields, door locks and retention, and occupant crash protection.

Comments must be received by Docket Management not later than February 22, 2016.  Those wishing to comment have multiple ways to do so, including electronically at  Use Docket Number NHTSA-2015-0100. 

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