Freightliner preparing for 2016 OBD changes

Dec. 6, 2015
NTEA Truck Product Conference 2015 coverage

FREIGHTLINER has been emphasizing the changes that will be necessary for the 2016 Heavy Duty On-Board Diagnostics (HD-OBD) regulations, and now the time has come.

“If you interface through the 9 pin, you need a new tool,” said Tedd Pack, product strategy manager for TEMs. “The adapter that plugs into the 9 pin will change from a black to green connector, so it requires a new interface. We will no longer have 1587 available on our vehicles. If you interface with that, you’re going to have to make some changes.

“We’ve made decision to go to 500kbps on our entire vehicle. You are allowed to tie into it but you’ll need to do it with 500k controllers. If you’re still using a 250k controller, we do provide an interface standard to get into it. There are three different areas with spliced packs to tie in. That’s something to keep in mind as we move to January 1, 2016. It’s going to be a bit of a change.”

Other new options from Freightliner:

• Overhead switch trim panels. “We’ve provided an option to eliminate the overhead switch panels. If you put switches in the overhead, you can now get trim rings, so it looks like a factory installation. It comes with all hardware. There’s no need to dispose of unused factory panels and it allows an OEM-quality trim finish.” They are available on the M2 106, 108SD, 114SD, and M2 112.

• Cummins ISB 220HP/600 FT LB. This is a new engine rating exclusive to Freightliner that improves fuel efficiency with Allison FuelSense and is available now on M2 106.

• ICU3S instrument cluster. The 811-042 replaces 811-011, moving from a small segmented display to a 132x48 PIXEL display with improved diagnostic messaging in the display. It’s available now on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Additional 2/0 cab ground. This is an additional 2/0 cab-to-chassis ground cable for utility vehicles that creates a utility-specific ground path from the cab. It’s available now on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Passenger under-seat storage. It provides additional in-cab storage and is available now on M2 106, M2 112, and 108SD.

• Active safety systems. It provides driver assistance for accidental lane departure and improved collision mitigation through the radar. It is available now on M2 106.

• Window switches in door panels. They provide easier access to window operations and additional space in dash for optional switches. They’re available now on M2 106, 108SD, 114SD, and 112.

• Seat-belt alarm. It provides an audible buzzer when the seat belt is not engaged. It’s available now on the M2 106, 108SD, 114SD, and M2 112.

• Idle shutdown with temperature override. It provides improved fuel efficiency and better climate control. It’s available now on the M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Bolt-on front frame extension. The 8” bolt is a factory solution for front-frame extension and provides faster upfit time for aftermarket bumpers or winches. It’s available now on the M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Allison Neutral at Stop (ECLR). It reduces fuel usage and vehicle emissions, and locks output to help prevent roll-back. It’s available now on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Six-gallon DEF tank on right-hand rail. It provides increased space for fuel on the left-hand rail and increased space for TEM components. It’s available now on M2 106 and 108SD.

• Three batteries over cylindrical fuel tank. They provide increased fuel capacity. The SBA 114SD w/ DD13 and SFA 114SD w/ Detroit DD13 are available now on 114SD.

• Improved fixed key. It cannot be removed and is a standard size FOB that’s easier to turn with gloved hands. It’s available now on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• 30.4 CFM air compressor. It comes with the Cummins ISL engine, is a higher CFM air compressor, and eliminates the need for a second compressor. It’s available now on 108SD.

• Factory-installed Cobra shifter. It reduces time from order received to delivery of vehicle. It’s available now on 122SD.

• 24-inch mirror-mounted antenna. Its reduced height prevents interference with body-mounted components. It is available in Q1 2016 on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

• Routing and clipping chassis. It provides more robust installation of harnessing, airing, and soft lines, and better protection for electrical harnessing. Custom bracketry for TEM-installed components is being developed. It is available now on M2 106, M2 112, 108SD, and 114SD.

The Freightliner 122SD can now be spec’d with Allison 4700 Rugged Duty Series (RDS) and Oil Field Series (OFS) automatic transmissions. The combination of the 122SD with Allison’s vocational transmissions is ideal for tough off-road and oil field applications.

Better performance comes from such features as 2nd Reverse, which offers a second “deep reverse” in addition to the standard reverse; automatic shifts, which automatically and smoothly make the right shift at the right time; and greater startability, which uses less torque to launch and go. Both transmissions are available with Detroit DD13 DD15 and DD16 and Cummins ISX heavy-duty engines.

In addition to the new transmission options, under-the-passenger-seat battery mounting is now available for all 122SD day and sleeper cab configurations. This option provides additional space for body builders by freeing up valuable rail space. 

The heavy-duty model of the Freightliner severe duty line of vocational trucks, the 122SD is ideal for oversize hauling, specialty hauling, oil/gas field service, construction, towing/recovery and vocational on-highway applications.

Earlier this year, Freightliner also announced that the Bose Ride system II truck seat suspension and the SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from Bendix CVS are now in production for the Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution truck models.

The Bose Ride system II truck seat suspension features advanced technologies that are said to reduce fatigue and pain. The system uses sensors and a regenerative electromagnetic motor to counteract the shaking and jarring experienced by many drivers. It features a Ride Control selector which enables drivers to customize their ride; enhanced seat-top ergonomics for improved driver comfort; and a built-in driver orientation module for new and slip seat drivers.

SmarTire provides real-time pressure and temperature status on an in-vehicle dash display, instantly informing the driver if there is an issue with a tire. A wheel-mounted sensor accurately captures tire temperature and pressure—along with a deviation value that shows the amount of over or under-inflation from each tire’s cold inflation pressure (CIP)—for earlier warning of a potential problem, and valuable time to react to the issue before it results in a failure.

Going forward, Agility Fuel Systems will serve as the sole provider of natural gas fuel systems to Freightliner Trucks as part of seven-year agreement announced by the two companies.

California-based Agility designs and produces both compress natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel systems for heavy-duty vehicles.

Agility also opened a new manufacturing facility in Salisbury, NC, back in May that is conveniently located close to Freightliner’s assembly plants in Cleveland, NC, and Mt Holly, NC, where the OEM produces its Cascadia 113 tractor, M2 112 truck, and 114SD vocational model.

The two partners expect to start procuring vertically integrated natural gas fueling systems for Freightliner truck models later this year.

Fleets purchasing new Freightliner trucks can now have their trucks equipped with Yokohama Tire Corporation’s (YTC) complete line of commercial truck tires.

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp’s presenters also talked about the S2G, which adds an 8-liter, 339 hp engine that offers clean-burning liquid propane gas (LPG) technology. The S2G was developed in response to significant interest from the medium-duty truck market for a factory-installed LPG engine.

The front-engine S2G utilizes the dependable Freightliner M2 cab, which features an aerodynamic hood that’s sloped for superior visibility and has forward-tilt opening for easy engine access. By pairing this new engine offering with a truck already known for its durability, reliability, maneuverability and payload capacity, the S2G delivers the lower operational costs and reduced emissions of LPG with the confidence of a tried-and-true platform.

Designed for the medium-duty commercial market, the S2G truck is perfect for pickup and delivery, student transportation, and municipal applications. It has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 33,000 pounds and comes equipped with an Allison 2300 automatic transmission with optional PTO provision. ♦

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