The ProTec 3400 eISAS electric independent suspension is designed for tactical and combat vehicles.

Meritor adds e-suspension to expanded defense portfolio

Sept. 17, 2019
Meritor recently expanded its ProTec product portfolio for global defense markets to include an e-suspension.

Meritor recently expanded its ProTec product portfolio for global defense markets, following the company’s recent acquisition of AxleTech.

As part of the expansion, Meritor Defense also introduced the 3400 eISAS electric independent suspension for tactical and combat vehicles from the new ProTec ISAS product line.

“The Meritor Defense ProTec product family has been bolstered by the addition of AxleTech’s trusted independent suspension technologies to offer a broader, more robust portfolio of proven, custom-engineered solutions,” said Joe Muscedere, vice president of off-highway, specialty and defense for Meritor.

“With the combination of these complementary technologies, Meritor has expanded one of the defense industry’s largest product offerings and improved our ability to deliver new solutions to market quickly, as demonstrated by the launch of the 3400 eISAS independent suspension.”         

The new electric independent suspension is engineered for efficient performance and packaging with a gross axle weight rating (GAWR) up to 14,330 pounds (6.5 metric tons), Meritor said. The e-suspension system, derived from the field-proven independent suspension product line, includes single or multispeed gearbox options to deliver low- and high-speed ranges. The helical gearbox design offers efficient and quiet operation.

Each axle delivers 160-320 kilowatts of continuous power and 300-600 kilowatts of peak power, the company maintained. Offered as part of Meritor’s Blue Horizon product offerings, the e-suspension is engineered to handle maximum regenerative braking, allowing it to charge its batteries while decelerating and braking.