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Ford opens orders for 2025 MY Police Interceptor Utility

Feb. 15, 2024
The latest Police Interceptor Utility offers additional productivity and safety features, as well as the Ford Pro Upfit Integration System (UIS)

Order banks are now open for the 2025 MY Ford Police Interceptor Utility (PIU), which is built to suit both patrol and pursuit duty cycles across the country with several new productivity and safety offerings.

New features for the 2025 MY PIU include a bigger center display with better imagery, graphics, and advanced OTA capabilities over the previous model year. It also features the Ford Pro Upfit Integration System (UIS), which simplifies the upfitting process while enabling added functionality and smart vehicle programming.

The vehicle also offers Manual Police Pursuit Mode, which is available in addition to the Automatic Pursuit Mode present in previous models. Manual Police Pursuit Mode enhances drivability and power delivery in situations between regular driving and intense pursuits, such as passing through tight traffic in congested areas. As well as this, the 2025 Ford Police Interceptor Utility also has the same front-end build of previous models, including the grille, so police agencies can avoid extra expenses when transitioning front-end upfitting content to new vehicles as they decommission older models.

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Additional safety features

To increase officer safety while on the road, the updated PIU offers several safety and productivity features as standard. These include Police Perimeter Alerts, which detect moving threats around a vehicle to give officers better situational awareness while they complete tasks in the cab, such as filling out reports. When the system detects a moving threat, it automatically activates the rear camera, sounds a chime, rolls up any lowered windows, and locks the doors. The Police Engine Idle feature secures the vehicle like the Perimeter Alerts function but keeps vital systems and equipment running with anti-theft keyless engine idling when officers must exit the vehicle quickly.

When officers need to remain undetected, such as during a stakeout, the Police Dark Car feature turns off all interior lights in the vehicle except the drive console, which is dimmed. Courtesy lamps are also disabled when any door is opened.

For additional safety, the 2025 MY PIU also includes driver assist technology such as automatic emergency braking, BLIS (Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross-traffic Alert), reverse sensing, and cross-traffic brake assist. All of these come standard on the vehicle, along with new radar on the fascia.

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