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ConMet hub assemblies standard for Cheetah Chassis trailers

Sept. 19, 2023
Cheetah Chassis selected ConMet's PreSet Plus hub assemblies for their advanced wheel-end technology, quality, ease of installation, warranty, future maintenance, and safety benefits

Cheetah Chassis has selected ConMet’s PreSet Plus hub assemblies as their standard trailer choice.

Cheetah Chassis, based in Berwick, Pennsylvania, provides durable, lightweight container chassis built to stand the test of time. The addition of PreSet Plus wheel ends underscores their commitment to excellence and reliability. 

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“At Cheetah Chassis, we prioritize proven solutions that contribute to the overall success of our customers’ operations,” said James Boucher, materials manger at Cheetah Chassis. “When specifying supplier components, we follow our best-in-class requirements, including quality, ease of installation, warranty, future maintenance, and safety. And by choosing PreSet Plus, we’re equipping our trailers with the most advanced wheel end technology that offers enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance.”

PreSet Plus hub assemblies feature specially designed components such as the seal, pre-adjusted bearings, wheel studs, spindle nut, and ABS tone ring to ensure optimum safety and reliability. ConMet’s spacer also provides a fixed, dimensional distance between the inner and outer bearings so that precise adjustment can be achieved when torquing the spindle nut. A fill hole allows for quick and easy lubrication, while a standard magnetic fill plug helps with lubricant inspections. A patented, integrated spindle nut system significantly improves wheel end clamp load while making installation easier, aiding in the removal of the hub for service and improved safety.

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