Photo: BendPak
Ev2400 Sl With Truck

BendPak gives electric vehicle service a lift with new EV2400SL

Oct. 4, 2022
Due to the added voltage of battery-electric vehicle (BEV) power sources, new lifts will help keep technicians safe as BEVs become more prevalent.

BendPak has released the EV2400SL EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system. This push-around full-rise scissor lift table is designed to make replacing both electric vehicle battery packs and internal combustion powertrain components more efficient. The patent-pending design offers all the benefits of BendPak’s former SL24EVT lifting system with several user-friendly enhancements.

“Our EV2400SL eliminates any manual lifting or lowering of the battery pack. And since we know most vehicles on the road will continue to be powered by internal combustion engines well into the future, the EV2400SL also works perfectly as a powertrain lift, providing maximum versatility and return on investment,” said Jeff Kritzer, BendPak president and CEO.

The EV2400SL is compact and portable. Equipped with proprietary zero-throw casters on all four corners, the platform can be moved easily in any direction around the shop. Adjustable screw jacks on each corner provide effortless pitch and roll adjustments for more precise alignment of battery packs, engine and drivetrain assemblies, fuel tanks, and more.

With a press of the button on the pendant controller, the EV2400SL elevates to more than 6’ in just 18 seconds. It supports 2,400 lb. on its oversized 40” by 60” cushioned platform. Rigid tubular steel outrigger supports securely stabilize lifted loads. 16 recessed mounting anchors in the platform tabletop accommodate a variety of available specialty lifting brackets for safe handling of engines, transmissions, gas tanks, transaxle assemblies, and more. Full-length utility trays provide ample storage for tools and fasteners during all stages of service and battery pack removal. A foot-operated, single-action tandem floor lock functions as a parking brake when the EV2400SL is being loaded or used during battery pack or drivetrain installation.

The EV2400SL is powered by a maintenance-free 12-volt deep-cycle battery featuring proprietary, high-density grid technology precisely engineered to deliver outstanding performance. A fully automatic three-stage battery charger offers connect-and-forget operation to protect against overcharging. An integrated thermal sensor detects ambient temperature and adjusts the 15-amp output to prevent overcharging in hotter areas and undercharging in cold climates.

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