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Isuzu makes Redline Detection an essential dealership tool

April 29, 2021
With the goal of speeding up diagnostics on light duty last-mile delivery vehicles, Isuzu plans to maximize uptime and profitability for its fleet partners

Isuzu Trucks has chosen Redline Detection’s Portable Leak Detector as an essential tool across all North American dealer locations to speed diagnostics on light duty last-mile delivery vehicles (LMD), one of the fastest-growing segments of the fleet industry.

According to Fleet Maintenance, “maintenance practices for last-mile delivery vehicles are more important than ever with the rise of e-commerce sales and parcel deliveries.” As the demand for more last-mile delivery vehicles continues to rise, OEM brands like Isuzu Trucks, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Nissan NV make deliveries easier, yet they also require maintenance and repair specifically to address the added wear and tear of constant stop-and-go driving.

Redline Detection’s Portable Leak Detector comes with an onboard micro air compressor for complete portability, eliminating the need for shop air lines or inert gas tanks. Highly dense, visible vapor makes it easy for technicians to quickly diagnose, locate, and repair leaks as small as 0.01 inch in any sealed system, according to the company, making it ideal for mobile repairs, fleet repairs, and testing vehicles in the field.

Fleets also use Redline Detection’s Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, which combines both low-pressure testing capability for EVAP and general repair with high-pressure testing capability to diagnose boost leaks in turbo, diesel, and boosted fleet vehicles.

“Redline is honored to be chosen by Isuzu Trucks for their essential tool program,” said Alex Parker, CMO of Redline Detection. “This technology will speed diagnostics and keep our fleet partners’ vehicles rolling to maximize uptime and profitability, right to the last mile.”

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