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EarthCruiser forms 4x4 CV chassis division

Aug. 10, 2020
CORE (“Commander Off Road Equipment”) created to meet the growing demand for high-performing 4X4 chassis for commercial use

EarthCruiser, the global brand behind 4x4 recreation vehicles, is expanding operations with a new business division catering to the commercial and DIY market.

 CORE, which stands for “Commander Off Road Equipment”, is the newly-formed division of EarthCruiser, created to meet the growing demand of high-performing 4X4 chassis for commercial use. The first product available is a production V8 cab over chassis, upfitted with CORE’s proprietary, industry-tested four-wheel drive system, for sale this summer.

 “EarthCruiser is the undisputed leader in cab-over vehicle design in the USA. Integrating our technology into commercial applications is something we’ve talked about for a long time. We value our roots in the recreation industry and want to use our collective experience and the knowledge we’ve gained over the past decades to help and serve others in a way traditional recreation vehicles can’t,” said Chad Knight, GM of EarthCruiser and CORE Vehicles. “There is great need for a production four-wheel drive cab over chassis in the commercial and government sectors, and our experience puts us in a unique position to rise to this challenge.

“Our custom-built CORE Chassis are designed to withstand an unparalleled range of environments and situations. With this platform, we can provide wildland firefighters with a revolutionary quick response vehicle, deliver medical care to Africa and the Asian Steppes, or ensure equipment reaches remote facilities during the harsh Alaskan winter.”

CORE platform

CORE products come from years of travel and engineering with more than two decades experience building expedition vehicles. The CORE Chassis are one-of-a-kind and designed and tested for the American market, and applicable to a global market.

CORE’s proprietary four-wheel drive system is available on the Fuso FE single cab and dual cab now, and will be available for the Chevy LCF and Isuzu NPR models starting in early 2021.

CORE Chassis are put through extensive testing to meet rigorous standards, ensuring all platforms are fully FMVSS/DOT compliant, including a full brake system certification, conducted by one of the top independent automotive test laboratories in the country. Fuel system and exhaust routing are designed to ensure the truck also stays in compliance with EPA and other standards.

Initial CORE product offerings

CORE Chassis with Box

$140k single cab chassis 4x4 with box

$155k dual cab chassis 4x4 with box

Approx box dimensions: 13.7' length x 6.7' width x 6.8' height

CORE Chassis

$105K single cab chassis (4x4)

$120K dual cab chassis (4x4)

Commercial Uses

Interested parties in commercial application can purchase a CORE Chassis directly to build upon themselves or work with EarthCruiser and to create a custom configuration to meet their unique mission requirements including: Forest service, Homeland Security, fish and game, remote/mobile medicine and disaster relief situations.

CORE commercial models provide shelter and support in a range of critical ways, and can be outfitted with a variety of systems including a top-grade water filtration system and solar power generation, both necessities for extended excursions through remote areas.

 Potential commercial applications include:

  • Providing clean water in a hurricane;
  • CORE chassis with steel flatbed option to haul equipment through rugged terrain and remote areas;
  • Delivering mobile shelter units to provide power and fresh water or mobile command centers;
  • Jobs requiring robust all-weather four-wheel drive systems;
  • Foreign governments (natural disasters) - easily shipped anywhere in the world and operate effectively out of the box vs most domestic build products; and
  • Mobile vaccinations in remote locations around the globe.

Ultimately, various floor plans will be offered to fit the needs of different agencies and commercial applications, the company said.

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