Yokohama to Adjust Commercial Truck and Bus Tire Prices

Long-running increases in raw material and transportation costs have caused Yokohama Tire Corporation to adjust prices of its commercial truck and bus tires effective May 1.

"We have been doing our best to contain costs of raw material, manufacturing and transportation," said John Cooney, director of commercial sales for Yokohama. "Now an increase of up to five percent in the prices for truck and bus tires has become unavoidable and necessary to equalize the soaring costs." In-line adjustments, which will be announced at a later date, are additionally slated.

"Unfortunately, our costs continue to increase," said Jim MacMaster, Yokohama executive vice president, Business Division, "but Yokohama is committed to bringing the best products to the market at competitive prices by integrating operational efficiencies, environmental procedures and the latest technology."

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