Witzco standardizes 40'' frame centers

Witzco Challenger Trailers announces a major design innovation on its complete line of new 2004 models.

The new Witzco '04 Series is designed with a wider center frame for improved stability and added axle loads. The engineering redesign will standardize all Witzco trailers with 40" frame centers. The wider frame base delivers improved ride stability, regardless of load distribution. Axle load capacities are also increased up to 13% by the widened frame design.

Witzco has built other standard features into its 2004 lineup:

  • Air safety locks

  • H-9700 suspensions

  • Uni-mount wheels

  • One-piece cast outriggers

  • Two-inch oak decking

  • Pony Motor included with self-contained hydraulic systems

Custom lengths, widths, and suspension specifications are welcome. Contact Witzco, 6101 S McIntosh Rd, Sarasota FL 34238 for further details.

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