White paper on automated refuse collection

While automated refuse collection is used and accepted by hundreds of communities and hauling companies throughout North America, others are still evaluating whether “going automated” is right for them. Heil Environmental has published a new resource to help guide them: a free 24-page report called Automated Refuse Collection: A White Paper.

The white paper covers nine major areas:

  • History of automated refuse collection
  • Benefits of automated collection
  • Disadvantages of automated collection
  • Evaluating automation for your situation
  • Choosing equipment
  • How to pay for it
  • Promoting automated collection
  • Routing
  • Transitioning to automation.

It features examples from communities using automation, worksheets, formulas, sample materials, full-color illustrations, statistics, a glossary, frequently asked questions, and a list of additional resources.

To get a free copy of the white paper, contact a local Heil distributor or sales representative. To find the nearest Heil representative, visit www.heil.com or phone toll-free 800-214-4345.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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