When the load gets heavy, M80 lowboy goes to work

Liddell's Model M80 is offered in a 75- to 90-ton lowboy. The unit has a detachable third axle on the jeep, and a nonground-bearing hydraulic detachable gooseneck with three kingpin locations at 114", 126", and 237" with a flip box.

This modular trailer can be used as a three-, four-, five-, or six-axle in a row. When using the spreader bar, it can be used as a 3+1, 3+2, or 3+3. Addition of a nitrogen accumulator (optional) keeps the load evenly distributed between all axles. Additional docks or deck extensions can be specified.

For complete details, contact Liddell, 100 Industrial Dr, Springville AL 35146.

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