Western Star shows new sleeper

Western Star has a new flat-floor, walk-in sleeper berth for its 4900-series tractors, including the EX, FA, and SA models.

The new 82-inch Stratosphere Star Light sleeper has room to stand up in the sleeper and a flat floor throughout the cab and sleeper, allowing the driver or passenger to walk from the cab to the sleeper. The external configuration provides for installation of roof-mounted air horns and marker lamps.

As standard, the Stratosphere Star Light sleeper contains a 42-inch lower bunk with a netted restraint system and under-bunk storage space. A raised upper bunk also has an optional storage cabinet. A privacy curtain separates the cab from the sleeper.

The new sleeper allows Western Star 4900 series tractors to be converted to daycabs easily, contributing to the resale value of the vehicles.

Western Star is currently accepting orders for the new sleeper.

In addition to showing the new sleeper, Western Star announced 70 new dealer locations during the Mid-America show. In the past 18 months, the company has expanded its dealer network by 35%. New dealers are located throughout the country from New York to Arizona and from Florida to Washington.

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