Western Star lowers profile of 4900 EX truck

Western Star Trucks' 4900 EX LowMax truck, a low-profile version of its 4900 EX, has a lowered cab and sleeper height. The LowMax is available as a highway tractor in a 132" BBC (bumper-to-back-of-cab) dimension with a set-forward front axle.

With its extended hood, dual stacks, and close-to-the-road design, the LowMax achieves traditional styling while adding its own flair. The truck's look is complemented by chrome and stainless steel accessories. Inside, operators can select interior trim packages from a number of options.

The 4900 EX LowMax features a cab height almost a foot lower than standard. With its lowered step height, the LowMax 4900 EX facilitates access to the cab. The truck's low center of gravity also improves road handling and stability. In addition, Western Star engineers reduced the frontal area of the truck.

This truck has a minimum overall height just over 104" with cab lights and horns removed and with low-profile 275/70 R22.50-inch tires. Standard equipment includes a 1,300-square-inch cross-flow radiator.

A low-ride-height front suspension and 6.38"-ride-height AirLiner rear suspension contribute to the design. The Dana Spicer E-13201 front axle has a 5" drop. The dual six-inch exhaust stacks feature horizontal low-noise mufflers.

The 4900 EX LowMax comes with a range of sleeper sizes and roof heights, all arranged to the lowered configuration. Contact Western Star, 4420 Sherwin Rd, Willoughby OH 44094 for more details.

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