Welding specification publications provided

The American Welding Society (AWS) is offering two publications:

  • AWS C1.5:2005, Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technician. This specification establishes the requirements for qualification of resistance welding technicians. This specification is a method for technicians to establish a record of their qualification and abilities in welding industry work such as development of machine trouble shooting, processes controls, quality standards, and problem solving.

  • AWS B5.4:2005, Specification for the Qualification of Welder Test Facilities. This specification defines the requirements to qualify welder test facilities. It details the methods of qualification, test facility requirements, and assessment requirements.

To order, phone Global Engineering Documents at 800-854-7179 or visit the web site at www.global.ihs.com. Another way to order is to phone AWS Member Services at 800-443-9353, (305-443-9353 outside the United States), or download the catalog from www.aws.org/catalogs.

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