Webb's Super Kits can lower brake costs

Webb Transit introduces Super Kits to the transit and coach markets. Kits consist of two Webb OEM-quality brake drums, four new brake shoes lined with Webb W43 FMVSS121-certified friction, and two OEM-grade hardware kits. Super Kits are packaged in axle kits and are ready to use.

Super Kits provide value for maintenance, operations, and management by:

  • Eliminating additional machining

  • Increasing safety and stopping power

  • Reducing or eliminating brake noise

  • Providing durability

  • Reducing driver complaints and comebacks to the shop

  • Ending individual foundation brake part procurement

  • Eliminating brake shoe processing

  • Reducing labor and overall brake maintenance costs through increased efficiencies.

Access www.webbwheel.com for more details.

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