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Webb adds training toolbox to website

Webb Wheel Products Inc has added a new training toolbox to its website. The material at clearly shows the proper procedures for maintaining wheel-end components for reliability, durability and performance. Webb also shows in detail the problems that can be caused when improper procedures are followed. The videos and downloadable documents are excellent tools for training technicians and for the development of proper maintenance practices.

Three new videos are now available. Two show the proper wheel end installation procedure for 10-stud, hub-piloted, or FN mounting systems and for 10-stud, stud-piloted, or BSN mounting systems. Each installation video shows step by step the proper ways to inspect, clean, determine component replacement and lubrication requirements, correctly mount the drum, and install the disc wheel. Outlined in a separate video, the consequences of not following Webb's recommended installation procedures can include drastically reduced performance and component failure. A downloadable PDF document in the toolbox addresses the two most common warranty returns seen for brake drums: “out-of-round” and “cracked”. This document addresses the potential causes of these two conditions and describes what to look for to help diagnose the issue.

Additional videos and downloadable PDF documents will be added to the training toolbox in coming weeks.

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