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Waytek adds four new FlexMod devices

Waytek Inc, an electrical wiring supply distributor, now carries four new Flexmod battery management products to preserve and increase the life of starter batteries.

  • FlexMod Low Voltage Disconnect (Stock #75525) preserves battery charge and protects battery banks by automatically disconnecting loads when battery voltage drops to a critical level.

  • FlexMod 20-minute Timer for Lights (Stock #75526) prevents internal lights inside a trailer from being left on and draining the battery. The vehicle operator actuates a momentary switch that turns lights on, allowing safe operation inside the cargo compartment. After 20 minutes, the FlexMod flashes the lights and gives the operator increasingly urgent warnings to either exit the cargo compartment or reactivate the timer before the lights go out.

  • FlexMod Smart Battery Controller (Stock #75527) monitors two battery banks and controls one or more relays or contactors to make sure starting power is protected by isolating the starting and auxiliary battery banks.

  • Flexmod Voltage Sensing Relay (Stock #75528) monitors both battery voltage and ignition status, shutting down non-critical loads when the cut-off voltage is reached, or at the set time after the ignition is turned off. It is a timer and voltage sensor in one easy-to-connect unit.

Contact Waytek by phone at 800-328-2724 Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm Central. Orders can also be placed online by visiting
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