Wastequip to install green lighting system

Wastequip Indiana, the primary manufacturing location of Galbreath brand products, plans to install a new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting system throughout its manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Winamac IN.

The new system is designed to decrease air pollution and environmental damage, reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs, and improve lighting for greater employee comfort and productivity.

In the first year alone, the system will prevent 1,936,526 pounds of carbon dioxide, 8,938 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 3,972 pounds of nitrogen oxide from polluting the environment. This is the equivalent of planting 181 acres of trees, removing 163 automobiles from the road, and saving 82,426 gallons of gasoline.

Whereas older-type lights lose 30% of their lighting efficiency after only one year of use and continue to degrade, the new lights being installed in the Wastequip Indiana plant will retain 90% of their original lighting capacity throughout the life of the system. Motion sensors will be installed in several areas that will dim lights or turn them off and on as needed.

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