Want to Get Smart as a sales or technical worker? Godwin offers a way

The Godwin Group has rolled out its new national training programs titled “Get Smart.” A “Get Smart” national sales meeting will include more than 30 sales professionals and will be conducted at corporate headquarters in Dunn NC. This training event is scheduled for August 3-4, 2010.

“Get Smart” technical training programs include:

  • Factory installation training for Godwin truck bodies

  • Godwin Group Hydraulics 101

  • Safe operation of truck equipment

  • Importance of pinning the tailgate

  • Understanding GVWR and payload

  • M dimensions and overhang

  • Proper care and maintenance of Champion hoists

  • Troubleshooting electrical truck components

  • Correct procedures for installing PTOs

  • Godwin's “Green Paint Systems”

Get Smart” sales training programs include:

  • Causing customers to buy

  • Solutions-based relationships

  • Listening, listening, listening — three key points to selling

  • Price point pressures and needs

  • Ten key salesperson attributes.

  • The buying cycle.

  • Excuses from the pocketbook

  • Hunter, Closer, Qualifier, and Farmer Sales Profiles 101

  • Customer compatibility

  • Spontaneous leadership and situational leadership

  • Presentation and facilitation skills

  • Appoints versus cold-calling techniques

  • Decision criteria for hiring the right salesperson

Visit www.godwingrouponline.com to schedule training.

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