WABCO CEO Esculier Appointed to Additional Role as Chairman

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC) confirmed that the company's Board of Directors appointed Jacques Esculier, Chief Executive Officer, to the additional role of Chairman of the Board after WABCO's Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Esculier has been leading WABCO since January 2004.

WABCO announced in March that Esculier would assume the additional role of Chairman of the Board in a transition with James Hardymon, the company's Non-Executive Chairman of the Board since July 2007. As also announced in March, the Board of Directors appointed Hardymon to the position of Lead Director to commence as of the May 28. This transition was subject to Hardymon's re-election for a new term at WABCO's 2009 Annual Shareholders Meeting.

WABCO's 2009 Annual Meeting of Shareholders approved the Board's proposal to re-elect James Hardymon, Michael Smith and John Fielder as directors for a further three-year term.

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