Wabash provides technology innovations

Wabash National Corporation offers advancements in trailer technology designed to enhance fleet productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and improve fuel economy. The company provides a 28-foot DuraPlate bonded pup trailer and an ultra-lightweight DuraPlate HD dry freight van.

The DuraPlate pup trailer features high-strength bonding technology, including fully bonded sidewalls, a bonded DuraPlate composite roof system, and bonded logistics posts. The trailer is also fitted with new DuraPlate AeroSkirts specifically designed for less-than-truckload applications.

The ultra-lightweight DuraPlate HD dry freight van offerse Wabash National's new MaxClearance overhead door system that provides up to 110" of vertical door opening, comparable to that of swing-door models. The trailer also features the ID/Auxiliary Stop Light System, the DuraPlate AeroSkirt, and several of the company's newest weight-saving options.

To learn more, visit www.wabashnational.com.

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