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Volvo VN trucks ride on new XDA tires

Purchasers of the new Volvo VN truck can choose one of two drive tires for their vehicle configuration: the new Michelin XDA Energy dual tire or the Michelin X-One XDA wide single tire.

Michelin's XDA Energy dual tire helps lower the cost of fuel. Built for long wear and fuel savings, this drive-axle tire comes in a low-profile 22.5" size. Depending on vehicle configuration, the tire offers 1% to 2% savings versus existing fuel-efficient duals and up to 5% fuel savings versus existing high-mileage drive duals. The Michelin X-One XDA wide single tire delivers 3% fuel savings compared with existing fuel efficient duals and up to 7% versus high-mileage drive duals, depending on vehicle configuration. This tire comes in a 445/50 R22.5 size that is interchangeable with dual low-profile 22.5 tires with hub-piloted assemblies on tandem axles.

For more details, contact Michelin, One Parkway South, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

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