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Volvo unveils all new VN line

The next generation of over-the-road trucks from Volvo Trucks North America has been designed from the ground up to accommodate the new low-emission diesel engines, according to the company. The new VN, which includes eight medium- and long-nose models, goes into production in late October as the company also begins installation of diesels certified to meet deadlines for stricter EPA emissions requirements. The next generation VN presents a striking new look as its designers have attempted to wring out every possible aerodynamic advantage while also providing improved air flow to cool the new engines. According to recently completed company tests, the new VN will reduce or even eliminate the 4 to 5% fuel penalty projected for the cleaner diesels depending on application. Power options for the VN are the 12-liter Volvo VE with ratings ranging from 365 to 465 hp., and the Cummins 15-liter ISX with ratings ranging from 400 to 565 hp. Both use cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) to meet the stricter emissions levels. Cummins also uses a variable geometry turbocharger to provide pressure to recirculate exhaust, while the Volvo engine captures exhaust pressure pulses for that function. Other technical highlights of the new VN include a 400-lb. weight reduction from the current model, an exclusive air-ride front axle, and improved maintenance accessibility. Drivers will also see a host of new features including redesigned interiors with new materials and new seat options, a new compound headlight system for improved nighttime visibility, an instrument cluster with integrated messaging center, a wide range of storage compartments and a new electronic climate control system.

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