Volvo Trucks North America Sets Truck Sales Record in 2006

Volvo Trucks North America sold a record number of trucks in 2006, and increased its market share for the fourth consecutive year.

For the year, Volvo had total North American retail sales of 35,647, exceeding the previous best year in 1999, when the company sold 33,956 vehicles. December 2006 was also Volvo's best month ever with a total of 4,178 North American retail sales. In addition, Volvo's U.S. market share for 2006 was 10.8%, up from 10.5% in 2005.

"2006 was an extraordinary year for Volvo Trucks North America, but our success represents far more than a strong truck market," said Peter Karlsten, president and CEO. "We have been investing in our company, our products, our dealer network and our customer support systems. Volvo's record truck sales are a product of all these things, as well as the great work done by our dealers and our employees.

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