Volvo Truck Deliveries Down 8% in January

Total deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in January amounted to 9,423 vehicles, a decrease of 8% compared with the year-earlier period.

Deliveries for Volvo Trucks were down 31% compared to the year-earlier period -- impacted by extra stop days in production over Christmas and New Year, in Europe and North America. The deliveries in Europe decreased with 41% in January compared with the corresponding period last year. Deliveries in North America were down 20% compared with year-earlier period. The decrease was due to lower production volumes compared with the year-earlier period. The deliveries in Brazil increased in January with 214%. This is mainly an effect of the strong Brazilian economy, tax incentives and subsidized financing. To respond to a slightly improved demand in Europe and a significant improvement in South America, Volvo Trucks is now gradually increasing production rates.

Mack deliveries in January totaled 891 vehicles, up 43% compared with the year-earlier period. While there are signs that the economic environment in North America is improving, low fleet utilization and the impact of the transition to new emission standards continue to have a dampening effect on demand.

Deliveries from Renault Trucks in January decreased by 29% compared with the year-earlier period. Inventory levels of new trucks have been successfully reduced which will result in slightly improved production rates. In the different segments, deliveries of light duty vehicles were down 13%, Medium-duty vehicles 3% and within the heavy-duty segment deliveries decreased by 43% compared with the year-earlier period.

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