Volvo Truck Deliveries Down 4%

Total deliveries of trucks from the Volvo Group’s four truck companies through August this year amounted to 135,781, which is a decrease of 4%, compared with the year-earlier period. Deliveries from Nissan Diesel only include the period April to August 2007. Excluding Nissan Diesel, deliveries amounted to 119,109, a decrease by 16%, compared with the year-earlier period.

Mack deliveries through August totaled 11,541, down 54% compared with the year-earlier period. As a result of the pre-buy in 2006, pre-US’07 trucks remaining in dealer inventories, weakness in the freight environment, and the downturn in the housing construction market, demand for heavy-duty trucks in North America continues to be low.

Mack deliveries also remain impacted by production disruptions associated with the transition to US’07 products and internal industrial optimization.

Renault deliveries through August totaled 47,758 trucks, down 7% compared with the yearearlier period, again due to the late replacement of the Renault Mascott which started in June. Apart from Renault Mascott, the sales for the rest of the ranges increased by 6%. Deliveries of the new Renault Maxity amounted to 4,110 units (0). Deliveries in Germany rose 61%, Switzerland and Austria were up 52% and 47% respectively. Deliveries in Russia increased to 528 units, up 179%.

Volvo Trucks’ deliveries during the period January-August amounted to 59,810 vehicles, down 9% compared with the year-earlier period. In North America, 9,082 trucks were delivered, which is a decline of 62% compared with the preceding year prior to implementation of new exhaust emission standards. Deliveries were also affected by change-over problems at the plant in New River Valley, USA. In general, the demand for transports is highly favourable for Volvo Trucks in other parts of the world. Deliveries rose 86% on markets in Eastern Europe. During the current period, the increase was 26% in South America and 20% in Asia.

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