Volvo targets heavy-duty segment

VOLVO Trucks North America Inc has introduced a new conventional daycab, its new VT 800.

Like its long-haul brother, the Volvo VT 880, the VT 800 daycab comes standard with one of the most powerful engines in the industry, the Volvo D16, with up to 625 horsepower and 2,250 lb-ft of torque.

The VT 800 is intended to appeal to the heavy transport owner-operator segment. Deliveries of the VT 800 will start in the first quarter of 2006.

The new tractor brings the VT's muscular design and intense visual appeal to a premium daycab. Owner operators in this segment want a blend of big-block diesel power and performance that will stand up to demanding duty cycles and conditions.

The VT 800 has a distinctive look tied to the VT series. Behind a large grille is a radiator and cooling package able to meet current and future cooling needs required by stringent emissions standards.

A smooth, stable ride comes from the set forward front axle. A long BBC also contributes to a smooth ride. The cab was moved back eight inches, which isolates the driver from the engine.

Exterior features include: a polished steel front bumper, with aerodynamic features for improved airflow for less drag and better cooling; a large chromed grille; polished or bright aluminum fuel tanks; outboard exhaust stacks; and polished aluminum step panels. The steps provide easy access to batteries and toolbox.

The Volvo D16 diesel engine is standard for the VT 800, and is available in ratings from 500 hp to 625 hp, with torque from 1850 to 2250 lb-ft. The Cummins ISX engine is optional.

The D16 has the Volvo Intelligent Torque (I-Torque) management system, which controls the amount of engine torque delivered to the driveline in any gear. This lets Volvo specify an optimized rear axle and suspension combination that is lower in weight.

A 45-degree wheel cut, for a tight turning radius and maneuverability, enhances performance. Driver visibility is excellent due to the sloping hood, the driver seating position, and the huge one-piece windshield. Projection beam headlights also improve nighttime visibility on the right side of the truck.

The Volvo VT 800's driver ergonomics play a key role in performance by placing controls and instruments within easy reach and clear sight lines. The air-ride cab, ergonomic seating, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, high-performance climate control system, and cab noise insulation keep the driver at peak performance levels and minimize distractions. And double-sealed doors keep out dirt, dust, water, and noise in challenging jobsites.

Its robotically-welded high-strength steel (HSS) cab meets all the requirements of the Swedish Impact Test, the most demanding cab strength test in the world. Cab doors stay closed during collisions, but open afterward. Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology is standard to help maintain control of the truck in slippery conditions and to help prevent rollovers. An air bag for the driver is standard, as is an energy-absorbing steering column. The engine and transmission are designed to drop under the cab during frontal impacts to prevent intrusion into the cab.

Volvo Trucks North America assembles its Volvo VT, VN and VHD trucks in the United States at the ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia. Volvo engines for North America are produced in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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