Volvo to ramp up production

Volvo Trucks North America this week announced it will recall 400 laid-off workers at its Dublin, VA, plant in April when it increases production on its new VN model assembly line to 72 trucks a day. Company spokesman Jim McNamara said Volvo has received several large orders for the VN tractor, including 500 for US Express, 227 for Tyson Foods and 154 for Yellow Transportation. Volvo announced last month that 300 workers would be recalled because production was being increased from 44 to 56 trucks a day. Volvo decided another 100 workers would be needed to meet the new 72-VN-a-day build rate. McNamara said the ramp-up of production should begin in April and take a few weeks to get up to full speed. He added that the production of Mack trucks at the site will also be increased from 18 to 36 per day.

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