Volvo offers lightweight fifthwheel option

Volvo Trucks North America offers a new fifthwheel option, installed directly into a truck's frame. The smaller, lighter design preserves ride and drive quality while weighing up to 100 pounds less than standard-duty fifthwheel systems.

Working in conjunction with Fontaine Fifth Wheel on the new system, Volvo Trucks North America developed a new lower assembly that supports both the fifthwheel and truck frame. This design allowed engineers to reconfigure the fifthwheel top plate as well, without sacrificing stability, strength or durability. The cast steel top plate weighs 165 pounds.

The integrated frame-mount system incorporates Fontaine's top plate lock design that prevents high hitching of the trailer kingpin, as well as a secondary lock. Air actuation with in-cab release — operable only when the parking brake is engaged — is an available option. The new fifthwheel can readily handle a vertical load of 50,000 lbs and a drawbar pull of 150,000 lbs.

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