Volvo Now Accepting Orders for EPA2010 Trucks

Customers can place orders now for trucks across Volvo’s product line equipped to meet the EPA2010 emissions standards, using Volvo’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

Initial production is scheduled for the fall, with deliveries beginning a few weeks later. These will be initial production trucks, not prototypes or test models.

“A number of customers have expressed an interest in placing SCR-equipped units in their fleets ahead of 2010,” said Scott Kress, senior vice president – sales & marketing. “This gives early adopters the opportunity to gain familiarity with the technology and the benefits of SCR. It’s another example of Volvo Trucks following through on our commitment to customers to be ready to go for 2010. Volvo is ready. How many other manufacturers can say that?

“These trucks will deliver the near-zero emissions and improved fuel economy SCR-equipped Volvo trucks have demonstrated over two winters and more than three million miles of North American customer testing. We have also demonstrated that our ‘No Regen’ promise is a reality that will bring additional fuel economy improvements by eliminating active regenerations of the diesel particulate filter.”

Orders for approximately 50 Volvo trucks equipped with SCR had been received by mid-June. Customers can order their EPA’10-ready trucks through their Volvo dealer.

Initiating the process so soon also provides Volvo Trucks the opportunity to efficiently and effectively ramp up production of EPA’10 trucks on its production line at the New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Va., before the complete changeover next year. NRV production processes have been modified in recent months in preparation for 2010, and to enhance efficiency and manufacturing quality.

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