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Volvo Group truck deliveries climb by 20%

Total deliveries of trucks from the Volvo Group’s three truck companies increased 20% from January–May 2004, compared with the year-earlier period. Deliveries from Mack rose 28%, while deliveries from Renault Trucks climbed 14%. Deliveries from Volvo Trucks advanced 23% during the period.

During the past 12 months, order bookings for the group’s truck operations were 39% higher versus the preceding year. Orders were up 20% in Europe, while the increase in North America was 86%.

Deliveries from Mack from January–May 2004 totaled 9,327 trucks, a 28% surge from the same period a year ago. The increase in deliveries, combined with strong order support, indicates continuing optimism among North America truck customers. In light of the market strength, Mack has announced increases in its truck production at its Macungie and New River Valley plants during the coming months.

Renault truck deliveries from January–May 2004 totaled 28,706 trucks, a rise of 14% compared with the corresponding period in 2003. The increase is mainly due to a strong development outside of Europe but also to a good performance in Europe for the Renault Magnum, Renault Midlum, and Renault Kerax. In Western Europe, sales in France moved ahead 4%, Portugal 31%, Spain 21%, and the United Kingdom 12%. In Eastern Europe, sales continued to develop with strong performance in Poland and Romania. On the markets outside Europe, kit deliveries have increased fivefold mainly due to strong deliveries in Iran.

Volvo Trucks’ deliveries during January–May 2004 amounted to 36,101 trucks, a 23% climb compared with the year-earlier period. All markets are increasing, and the positive trend in North America and South America continues—with rises of 47% and 56%, respectively. Deliveries in Europe were also high, an advance of 6% was reported for the period in Western Europe and a full 30% in Eastern Europe. The largest increases were noted in Germany and Spain, where the demand for heavy trucks was strong. The increase in Asia was 39%, primarily as a result of a continued favorable level of deliveries to Iran.

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