Volvo Group’s Deliveries Increase 3%

Total deliveries of trucks from the Volvo Group’s three truck companies increased 3% through October this year, compared with the year-earlier period. Deliveries from Mack rose 3%, while deliveries from Renault Trucks were up 9%. Deliveries from Volvo Trucks were in line with the year-earlier period.

Deliveries from Mack through October totalled 31,119 units. The delivery situation continues to reflect the historical high demand for trucks ahead of the '07 emission regulations coming in January 2007.

Deliveries through October totalled 64,512 trucks. The Renault Premium had the biggest gain with an increase of 31%. Deliveries increased by 13% in Europe, where Eastern Europe posted a strong development and rose 38%. Outside Europe, most markets are developing well.

Volvo Trucks’ deliveries during the period January-October amounted to 85,337 vehicles. Europe continues to show a favorable growth, especially in Eastern Europe where deliveries rose 42%. Strong growth in Eastern Europe combined with Volvo Trucks new competitive product program has contributed to the increased deliveries. Deliveries on the North American market rose 17% to 31,223 vehicles. The strong demand is mostly related to the pre-buy effect pending the forthcoming emission regulations in January 2007. Accordingly, demand is expected to decline significantly during the first half of 2007.

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