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Volvo Group deliveries up 22% in January

Total deliveries of trucks from the Volvo Group's four truck companies amounted to 20,856 in January 2008, which is an increase of 49% compared with January 2007. Excluding Nissan Diesel, which was not part of the Volvo Group in January 2007, deliveries rose 22%.

Mack deliveries in January 2008 totaled 1,382, down 15% versus the year-earlier period. January 2007 was still dominated by vehicles equipped with engines compliant with the pre-2007 emission legislation. The current demand is at a low level and is being impacted by the sluggish economy and continued downturn in the United States housing market.

Renault Trucks deliveries in January 2008 totaled 6,612 trucks, up 45% compared with the particularly low deliveries in January a year ago, when deliveries of the light trucks Renault Maxity and Renault Mascott Euro 4 had not started. In Europe, 50% more vehicles were delivered, of which +56% occurred in France. Performance of the Renault Premium ranges is good, with +93% for the Premium Lander, +39% for the Premium Route, and + 65% for the Premium Distribution. Deliveries of Renault Magnum climbed by 22% and interest for the new Renault Magnum that will be introduced mid-year is high.

Volvo Trucks deliveries during January 2008 amounted to 8,971 vehicles, up 15% versus the year-earlier period. Demand in Europe remains high, and deliveries advanced by 32%. The Asian market shows more deliveries also, up 47% against the year-earlier period, driven by strong demand in the Middle East. The North American market is still weakened by theeconomic downturn and shows a 15% decline in deliveries.

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