Volvo, EPA Partner in Program for SmartWay Tractors

Volvo Trucks North America has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a comprehensive package of vehicle components for the Volvo VN to deliver high fuel efficiency and low emissions, as part of EPA's new SmartWay tractor program. Trucks ordered with this set of components are eligible to receive EPA's SmartWay Tractor designation.

The components required for the SmartWay-eligible designation reduce fuel consumption and minimize emissions, include:

  • Engines certified to the new '07 emissions standards.
  • Enhancements to reduce wind resistance, including integrated high roof fairings, fuel tank side fairings, side fairing gap reducers, aerodynamic bumpers and aerodynamic mirrors.
  • Anti-idling options.
  • Low-rolling resistance tires.

Tractors meeting these specs can have a special SmartWay decal displayed inside the cab.

EPA has developed a similar program for manufacturers of trailers. The agency estimates that more than one million barrels of oil would be saved if 30% of the trucks and trailers sold industrywide in 2007 were SmartWay tractor-trailer combinations.

Beginning later in the second quarter, Volvo customers will be able to specify a SmartWay-eligible tractor component package when ordering their trucks. The required components will be specially identified in Volvo's truck ordering system so that carriers participating in the SmartWay program can ensure their new trucks qualify for EPA's public designation.

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