Volvo Deliveries Down 57% in May

The total deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in May amounted to 9,446 vehicles, a decrease of 57% compared with the year-earlier period. Compared with April this year, deliveries increased by 3% in May.

For Volvo Trucks, the deliveries in the month of May declined with 66% compared with the year-earlier period. At the European market deliveries were down 73%. The deliveries in North America decreased 75%, which is an effect of the low demand and the temporary peak in deliveries in May 2008 following the stand-still in production earlier that year during the UAW strike.

Mack deliveries in May totaled 865 vehicles, down 42% compared with the year-earlier period. As anticipated, prevailing economic conditions continue to weigh heavily on the North American market for heavy trucks. Mack has been particularly affected by low industry-wide sales of dump trucks and mixers resulting from the dramatic decline in housing construction.

The deliveries from Renault Trucks in May decreased with 53% compared with the year-earlier period. Deliveries in Europe decreased with 56%. In France, the decline was 46%. The biggest decrease was in Eastern Europe where the deliveries in May decreased with 81%.

At the end of May, Renault Trucks introduced the European trade press to a packaged offer comprising the Renault Premium 460 Euro V equipped with an automated gearbox and the truck management system Infomax, which together with an ecodrive training will lead to a documented reduction of fuel consumption with at least 6%.

Deliveries from Nissan Diesel in May totaled 1,386 units, a decrease of 69%. In Japan, the number of deliveries was 793 units, a decrease of 57%. The biggest decrease was in the Middle East and in South America where the deliveries decreased by 95%.

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