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Voluntary emissions reductions gains support

The Diesel Technology Forum (DTF), a diesel engine advocacy group, is swinging its support behind a public-private effort being launched along the West Coast to promote voluntary programs that reduce emissions from diesel-powered engines.

Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the “West Coast Diesel Emissions Reduction Collaborative” officially came into being yesterday at eight separate events in California, Oregon and Washington, though it’s been in the works for several months.

“From the start of this effort in June, participants have offered creative ideas and looked to proven, cost-effective strategies for reducing diesel emissions,” said Allen Schaeffer, DTF executive director.

“America’s diesel industry has poured immense investments into technologies and innovations that today deliver diesel-powered trucks and buses that produce eight times lower emissions than those built just 15 years ago,” he said. “By 2007, on-highway diesel engines will produce near-zero emissions thanks to cleaner fuels and advanced engine technologies. So it is encouraging to see support for strategies that [promote] new and more cost-effective clean diesel technologies now becoming available.”

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