VIPAR, Meritor offer suppliers 3PL services

VIPAR Heavy Duty has announced a new program with Meritor Aftermarket Services to offer third-party logistics (3PL) services to VIPAR Heavy Duty suppliers.

Under the agreement, VIPAR Heavy Duty will work with Meritor 's logistics operation to bring 3PL services to the group's approved suppliers. The new program will use VIPAR Heavy Duty's technology systems to enable suppliers to take advantage of cost-saving 3PL services.

Meritor is a full-scale 3PL provider offering core logistics competencies including packaging and kitting, material planning, warehousing, distribution, remanufacturing, customer support, and consulting services. The partnership with VIPAR Heavy Duty offers suppliers with the opportunity to outsource part or all of their supply chain management functions.

The program will let suppliers reach customers through Meritor's distribution centers in China, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Mexico and Brazil. Those locations are in addition to centers in the United States and Canada and six remanufacturing centers worldwide.

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